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Family Businesses

Family businesses can be incredibly rewarding, but they also face unique challenges that can make it difficult to achieve their goals and maximize their potential.

The challenges they face relate to family dynamics, succession planning, accountability, governance, and financial management. These challenges can make it difficult to achieve the business’s goals and maximize its potential.

However, by working with an EOS Implementer, family businesses can develop strategies and processes that can help them overcome these challenges and achieve long-term success.

Using the 3-circle family business model of Ownership, Family and Business plus the EOS® model and framework, I help family business owners and leaders to get what they want.

I am an Advisor Member with Family Business New Zealand.

More than half my clients are second-generation family businesses, with the rest made up of multiple owners and shareholders.

Professional Services

Time-based professional services businesses, such as IT firms, agencies, and consulting firms, face unique challenges when it comes to getting traction and achieving their goals.

These businesses typically generate revenue based on billable hours, which can make it difficult to scale and grow the business.

An EOS Implementer can help time-based professional services businesses get traction.

An EOS Implementer can provide valuable support and guidance to time-based professional services businesses by helping them establish a clear vision, create a culture of accountability, and develop a strategic plan for growth. By working with an EOS Implementer, time-based professional services businesses can focus all their energy in one direction to help them overcome their unique challenges and achieve long-term success.

Having run my own successful professional services businesses over a 28-year period,

I know first-hand the challenges they face and how to overcome them.

Manufacturers and Distributors

Manufacturing and distribution businesses face their own unique challenges when it comes to getting a grip of their business. These businesses are often complex, with multiple products, suppliers, and customers. They must manage inventory, production, and logistics efficiently to remain profitable.

As an  EOS Implementer, I can help manufacturing and distribution businesses get a grip of their business by helping them gain clarity on their vision and provide a clear

EOS can  help establish clear accountabilities, improving logistics management, improving communication, streamline their production processes and eliminate inefficiencies. This can help these businesses reduce costs and increase productivity, which can improve their profitability.

An EOS Implementer can provide valuable support and guidance to remove complexities in the business, thus improving customer satisfaction and reduce costs, setting them up for long-term success.

I work with a number of medium to large manufacturers and distributors in NZ. 

The only issue they have with EOS is why they did not use it sooner.